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Vegetable - Asparagus
Jersey Knight Male Asparagus - Asparagus officnalis
Asparagus Plants in Row Jersey Knight asparagus have extra large sprouts since no plant energy goes into seed production. Highly productive male plants are disease resistant, and adaptable. Plant site should have good drainage. Space plants 18" apart in 3' wide perennial beds. Usually our 2 inch potted asparagus are harvest-able the following season. Do not go to the trouble of digging ditches for the plants. Just plant them in your prepared bed as any other potted plant. A mulch is good for keeping weeds down. After harvest the four foot tall plants are pretty with their fine fern like appearance. Zones 3-10. 

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1 2 inch pot  Seedling$2.50
8 2 inch pot  Seedling$16.00
16 2 inch pot  Seedling$24.00
32 2 inch pot  Seedling$32.00
1 4 inch pot  Seedling$5.00
1 3/4 Gallon  Seedling$15.00
6 3/4 Gallon  Seedling$60.00

Vegetable - Miscellaneous
Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchoke) - Helianthus tuberosus
Vegetable Sunchoke Flowers Jerusalem Artichoke, also called Sunchoke, is a tall perennial in the sunflower family, with edible tubers high in vitamins and minerals. Sunchoke is not a traditional artichoke. Long lived plants have annual harvests. Tubers are harvested in fall through winter. Space 3' circle. Sunchoke tubers are sold in 1/2lb.(8oz.) bags ready for planting. Zones 4-9 

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1 4 inch pot  own roots$9.00

Vegetable - Groundnuts
Groundnut - Apios Americana
Ground Nut Tubers A graceful native tuber producing perennial vine of twining habit, blooming fragrant maroon chocolate flowers. Usually dug up in the winter months, the sweet, starchy tubers are eaten raw, boiled, fried, roasted or otherwise prepared like potatoes. Our plants are a strain from LSU (Blackman) superior cultivars with large tubers. Zone 6-8. 

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1 2 inch pot  own roots$6.00
1 3 inch pot  own roots$12.00
1 3/4 Gallon  own roots$23.00

Vegetable - Rhubarb
Victoria Rhubarb - Rheum rhaponticum
Vegetable Victoria Rhubarb Seed grown Victoria has large green stalks, stained red. Extremely heavy producer. Space 2' - 3' circle. It is a perennial large leaved plant, pretty in its season. Good for borders or vegetable garden beds. In our area try cutting seed stalk before it shoots up in early spring. This will give a larger spring harvest. Zones 3-9. 

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1 2 inch pot  Seedling$4.00

Crimson Red Rhubarb - Rheum rhaponticum
Herb Crimson Red Rhubarb Considered a sweet rhubarb variety. Crimsom Red is a cloned variety of rhubarb, not from seed. Grows true to type and ensures the size, flavor and color of Crimson Red - the best of 25 varieties in impartial tests. Most rhubarb varieties show their red coloring only at the bottom of the stalks. With pure-bred plants, the color goes all the way up the stalk like ruby chard, and continues into the stalk. Redness may vary from northern to southern growing conditions. Plants are hardy into Canada (ideal for Zones 4-7) Zones 4-9 Space 2-3' circle 

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1 3 inch pot  own roots$10.00 * Ready Date (see note)

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