Winter Workshop
Planning your home plantings workshop is scheduled for Saturday, February 17th.George, Michael and Dan will meet 45 minutes with you to answer questions and give input for your great decision to plan out an Edible environ for your place. Appointments on the hour 8-5. Please reserve your time to guarantee your spot. George can be scheduled from 8 to 4. Dan from 1 to 5 and Michael 9 to 5. Cost is $20 per hour. You can choose all three to meet with or increase the allotted time with one individual. Dan keeps up our orchard here so has a vast experience in keeping your plants organically happy. George's practical knowledge also extends to herbs and medicinal plants. Michael, the owner has been doing edibles for years and brings his knowledge to you. Please contact Edible Landscaping at 434.361.9134 or email us

Sorry, but at the current time we do not have a care guide for Workshop.

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$20.00  own roots

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