AU Rosa Plum

AU Rosa a new cultivar from Alabama Agriculture Experiment Station, Auburn University. Upright with dark green leaves, vigorous, disease resistant and long lived. Self fertile, flowers profusely and sets a heavy crop. Dark red skin with yellow flesh. Excellent fruit quality. zone 6 - 8. Space 14' circle.

AU-Rosa is a new plum cultivar developed by the Alabama Agriculture Experiment Station, Auburn University, for growing in areas receiving at least 700 hours of chilling temperature below 45*F. (Prunus angustifolia) Chickasaw Plum followed by back-crossing and sibling of elected seedlings. It was developed to meet the need for disease-resistant cultivars in the Southeast where prevalence of certain diseases and susceptibility of commercial varieties had discouraged plum production.

Trees of AU-Rosa are upright with dark green leaves. In test orchards in Alabama, the trees were vigorous, disease resistant, and long lived. The plant is self fruitful, flowers profusely, and sets a heavy crop. The cultivar has proven its ability to produce high yields of excellent quality fruit where certain fruit and tree disease problems occur. It is an early maturing cultivar that produces fruit of excellent size and quality.

AU-Rosa is highly resistant to bacterial canker (Pseudonwna syringae, Van hall), bacterial fruit spot {Xanthomonas pruni, (E F Smith), Dows], bacterial leaf spot (x. pruni), black knot [Apisporinamorbosa (Schw.) Ark.] and plum leaf scale (Xylella fastidious).

Fruits of AU-Rosa have dark red skin and yellow flesh. Fruit quality is excellent for the fresh market, which makes UA-Rosa adaptable for home, roadside, and local markets. Fruit have adequate firmness for handling, packing and shipping to commercial markets. Maturity date is about 2 weeks after Methley. Fruits were rated acceptable in canned fruit tests. Zone 6 - 8. Space 14 circle.

Plant Characteristics
Pest ResistanceFair
Disease ResistanceVery Good
Drought ToleranceGood
Heat ToleranceExcellent
Humidity ToleranceVery Good
Sun ToleranceExcellent
Wet Soil TolerancePoor
Shade ToleranceFair
No SprayFair
Salt ToleranceFair
Fresh for KidsExcellent
Deer ResistanceFair
Plant TypeTree
Soil TypeAdaptable
Edible TypeFruit
Self FertileYes
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