Gooseberry Jahns Prairie

Jahns Prairie Gooseberry

Riber oxyacanthoides L.

Jahn's Prairie is disease resistant and produces high quality, dark red, dessert gooseberries. This plant was selected by Dr. Otto Jahn from a native population of the species growing in Alberta, Canada. The green fruit turns red-pink upon ripening. The fresh fruit quality is equivalent to European gooseberries. The plant, which grows to 5 feet, has an upright growth habit with some sprawling branches. The leaf shape is similar to European Hawthorne. Jahn's Prairie gooseberry resists powdery mildew, is free of leaf spot and Botrytis (grey mold) on its fruit. No White Pine Blister Rust has been observed on the plant or insect damage from aphids or saw-flies. Space 5' circles Zone 3-7

Plant Characteristics
Pest ResistanceVery Good
Disease ResistanceVery Good
Drought ToleranceGood
Heat ToleranceGood
Humidity ToleranceGood
Sun ToleranceVery Good
Wet Soil TolerancePoor
Shade ToleranceVery Good
No SprayVery Good
Salt TolerancePoor
Fresh for KidsVery Good
Deer ResistanceFair
Plant TypeShrub
Soil TypeFertile
Edible TypeFruit
Self FertileYes
This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, comments/opinions are always welcome
Click Here for the Jahns Prairie Gooseberry Careguide

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