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Koralle Lingonberry - Vaccinium vitis-ideaea
Lingonberry Koralle lingonberry was released in 1969 from Holland as an ornamental ground cover, only to become a leading commercial variety for its fruit. This highly praised European plant is ornamental in flower, leaf, and fruit. Grow them as you do blueberries. Their planting bed must be well prepared with peat and at least one year old wood mulch. Lingonberries are very particular about this. They may be set as individual specimens, in rows, or planted together to form a solid ground cover from 8" to 12" tall. Bright red berries set against dense dark leaves. Berries can be picked into the late fall and taste very good. The light red fruits can stay on the plant for several weeks without deterioration. Zones 2-8. In hot summer areas plant in some shade. Two harvest periods are possible in one season. Space 1' circles 

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Balsgard Lingonberry - Vaccinium vitus ideaus
Lingonberry Balsgard Balsgard is the result of a Swedish breeding project started in 1978. Presently the largest lingonberry available. It bears very heavily. Plant is upright and compact and adaptable. Organic matter, composted leaves, one to two year old wood chips, peat moss, should make up the planting bed. Zones 2-8 Space 1' circle 

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