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Berries - Wintergreen
Wintergreen - Gaultheria procumbens
Wintergreen 2010 Wintergreen is a native evergreen ground cover. White, lily of the valley type flowers in spring followed by red berries up to one half an inch in the fall. Prefers forest like soil of high organic matter, and does well in shade and semi shade. Found near beech trees (Fagus grandifolia) in the forest. Leaves make tea and the fruit can be eaten fresh. Popular commercial products such as tooth paste, chewing gum, candy, massage oil, and breath mints are scented or flavored with wintergreen. Wintergreen spreads from under the surface of the soil with spear-like roots that cling to particles of decomposing forest litter such as leaves, sticks, and bark, before they surface and leaf, spreading away from the mother plant. Also called Teaberry, wintergreen is a popular herbal tea. Spacing 6" apart. Zone 3-8. 

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