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Cascade Hops - Humilus lupinus
Hops Cascade Top Of Plant Hops were used by the Greeks as a salad plant. Today young hops shoots are still eaten by some. The pine cone like scales or bracts of the hops contain lupulin, a substance consisting of resins and essential oil, which gives beer, ale and other malt beverages their characteristic bitter flavor. One-half to one and a quarter pounds of hops are used for a 31-gallon barrel of beer. Hops are long-lived perennials grown like pole beans on 10' tall poles, spaced 4-8' apart. At harvest, the vines are let down, the green hops are picked and dried. Can be grown on a fence or wall. Hops above ground growth dies back in winter. In spring this perennial grows from the ground and quickly establishes itself by late spring. Cascade is a successful and well established aroma hop developed by Oregon State University in 1956 from Fuggle and Serebrianker (a Russian variety). Gives a citrus/grapefruit aroma to a pale ale.Zones 3-8. 

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