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Nuts - Chestnut
Due to import restrictions we are unable to ship Chestnut to CA, Europe...
Chinese Chestnut - Castanea mollissima
Nuts Chestnuts wallace Chinese Chestnuts are good nuts to grow in the U.S. because of their resistance to blight. The tree grows tall and spreading. Two plants should be planted to ensure production of nuts. Space 30'-50' circle Zones 5 - 8. 

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Seedling Chestnut - Castanea dentata x mollisima
Chestnut Dunstan Nuts This is a seedling from the American x Chinese hybrid from fruit breeder Dr. Dunstan of Greensboro, NC and Alachua, FL. 2 Dunstan Seedlings will pollinate each other. Blight resistant. Space 30' circle, height 30' to 40'. Zones 5-9. 

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1 4 inch pot  Seedling$14.00
1 Quart Pot  Seedling$18.00
1 3/4 Gallon  Seedling$28.00

Layeroka Chestnut - C. mollissima X C. sativa
Layeroka is a blight resistant Chinese and European chestnut hybrid. The tree produces an abundance of large sweet chestnuts. Can become a large, tall tree, over 50 feet. Two of these seedlings are needed for pollination. Zone 4-8 

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1 4 inch pot  Seedling$15.00 * Ready Date (see note)
1 Quart Pot  Seedling$18.00

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