Filberts Dessert In Hand

Jefferson Filbert

Corylus avellana

Jefferson is the new filbert that is replacing Barcelona as the leading variety. Barcelona was the most popular filbert grown in the US, but is not resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight(EFB), Jefferson is resistant to EFB, and provides high yields of attractive nuts on an easily managed upright shrub. Pollinated by the late pollen shedding Eta and early pollen shedding York, which are also resistant to EFB, gives all three varieties excellent nut set. Introduced by Oregon State University. Plants are on their own roots. Space 8-10' circle. 15' height. Zone 5-8

Plant Characteristics
Pest ResistanceVery Good
Disease ResistanceExcellent
Drought ToleranceGood
Heat ToleranceVery Good
Humidity ToleranceVery Good
Sun ToleranceVery Good
Wet Soil ToleranceFair
Shade ToleranceFair
No SprayExcellent
Salt TolerancePoor
Fresh for KidsExcellent
Deer ResistanceFair
Plant TypeShrub
Soil TypeAdaptable
Edible TypeNut
Self FertileNo
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Due to import restrictions we are unable to ship Jefferson Filbert to Europe,...

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