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Nuts - Pecans
Kanza Pecan - Carya illinoisenses
Nut Pecan Pawnee An early maturing large nut averaging 69lbs of nuts per tree. Introduced from Texas. Pollinates with Canton or Peruque. Space 25' circle. We usually have Kanza grafted on a hardy 160 day nut maturing rootstock. The rootstock goes dormant sooner than if Kanza was grafted on a southern rootstock, making it hardy in zone 7 and for trial in zone 6. Locally Kanza is a favorite. The trees stay lush green throughout the summer and the nuts show no signs of pecan scab. Will start producing in 3 to 4 years. Zones 7 - 9 

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1 2.75 Gallon (Trade 3G)  Hardy Pecan Seedling$65.00

Canton Hardy Pecan - Carya illinoiensis
Canton Hardy Pecan Canton is an extra large, thin shelled hardy pecan. Canton was discovered as an early ripening seedling growing near Canton, MO in the Mississippi flood plain. Moderately susceptible to pecan scab. Pollinate with Colby, Lucas, or Kanza. Zones 6-7 Space 35-40' circle Photo William Reid 

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