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Colby Pecan
Nuts Peruque Pecan Leaves Medium size, long oval nut, Matures in 160 day growing season. Tree is vigorous and productive; resistant to leaf fungi; retains its foliage late into the fall; a heavy pollen producer. Originated in Fayette County, IL. Pollinates with Peruque . Zones 6-8. Native Space 20' to 30' circle, height 20'-30'. 

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Peruque Pecan - Carya illinoinensis
Nut Pecan Pawnee The Peruque pecan is an early season producer derived from a selection of native seedlings near the Mississippi River. Average production is 81 nuts per pound, with 59% kernel. Peruque kernels are golden, with tight dorsal groves. Prefers moist soils. Medium sized, thin shelled nuts with a 160 day ripening season. Grafted on Giles rootstock which also goes dormant around 160 days for a superior hardy tree. Recommended for USDA hardiness zones 6-8 and warmer parts of zone 5. Partly self fruitful. Pollinators include Greenriver, Kanza and Colby. 

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Lucas Hardy Pecan - Carya illinoiensis
Lucas Hardy Pecan Lucas Pecan is a excellent flavored, rich pecan with small to medium nuts. Lucas shells out easily and nut meats are well filled. A hardy, heavy yielding tree. For proper pollination a protogynous type pecan and a protandros type are needed. Lucas is protogynous. Peruque and Canton are protandrous and can be used for pollinators. Nuts ripen very early, 36 days before Stuart, the standard southern variety. Space 30-40' circles Zones 6-8 Photo William Reid 

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Canton Hardy Pecan - Carya illinoiensis
Canton Hardy Pecan Canton is an extra large, thin shelled hardy pecan. Canton was discovered as an early ripening seedling growing near Canton, MO in the Mississippi flood plain. Moderately susceptible to pecan scab. Pollinate with Colby, Lucas, or Kanza. Zones 6-7 Space 35-40' circle Photo William Reid 

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