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Italian Stone Pine - Pinus pinea
Pine Italian Stone Pine in pot Italian Stone Pine has decorative pine cones and can give an abundant crop of pignolia nuts. The plants are sold as miniature Christmas trees and are ornamental outside. One of the few pines that grow well in alkaline soil. Space 20' circle. Zones 7-8. 

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1 3/4 Gallon  Seedling$30.00

Silveray Korean Stone Pine - Pinus korensis
Pine Korean Stone Silveray Korean Stone Pine can start producing cones/pine nuts when five feet tall. In ten years the tree should be eight feet tall and four feet wide. At 25 years height should be thirty feet tall and ten to fifteen feet wide. It takes two different Korean pines to produce nuts. Plant in full sun in zones 4-8. This five needle pine has silver,blue and green colored needles at the same time. Silveray has year round interest. A fairly compact "soft" foliage evergreen. Space @ 15' circle. 

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