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Heartnut aka Japanese Walnut - Juglans ailantifolia
Nuts Heartnut An easy-to-grow, spreading, attractive tree with large sweet nuts that halve easily. Abundant foliage, bears early and is hardy. A sweeter, easier-cracking nut than black walnut. A good shade tree with a spreading habit that's prettier in the landscape than black walnut. Susceptible to Walnut Bunch Disease in the deep south. We have grown Heartnuts for 15 years and have not noticed the disease. For the areas of Zone 8 the disease could be more of a problem. Self fruitful 20' to 35' recommended spacing. Zones 5-8. 

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Champion English Walnut - Juglans regia
At the time of ripening the fruits green husks split open and the walnut will fall to the ground for harvesting. Champion is a grafted tree and will produce 3 to 5 years after planting. According to Alabama A&M University, in the south, a soil borne virus kills English walnut trees especially in sandy soils. Not recommended for the Gulf states. One of the most reliable producers of large, easy-to-crack nuts. Zones 5-9. Space @ 14-20'. 

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Northern Prize English Walnut
Nuts English Walnut Tested in Iowa, hardy. Large, easy to crack nuts. English walnuts are early flowering, similar to peaches in bloom time and generally produce better if late frosts are not a problem. Usually self fertile, but good results can be had by having a different variety for cross pollination. Trees have an open, pleasing shape and look good even when dormant. Zones 5-9 Space @ 14-20'. 

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Native Black Gem American Black - Juglans Nigra
Nuts Black Walnut with husk Thin-shelled kernels crack out in large segments. Tree produces quickly at five years. Originally from Washington. Zone 4-8. 

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