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Palmetto Palm - Sabal palmetto
Palm Palmetto Palmetto Palm is the native palm tree of the southeast coast. It is the state tree of FL and SC whose flag it graces. Palmetto is not as hardy as the windmill palm, but there are specimens growing as far north as Atlanta. It benefits from protection from winter winds in the northern half of the state. With their unusual form and growth habit, palms are unlike any other plants in the world. Whether it is coconut palms on a south Pacific island, date palms along the Nile or a row of Cabbage Palmettos lining a street in Savannah, there is something special and regal about these plants. Mature palmetto has long sprays of attractive black berries. In late winter mockingbirds and brown thrasher lay claim to them and gobble down three of four at a time before flying off.

Palm seedlings look like pleated grass. Young palm plants make excellent houseplants until they are large enough to plant outside. 

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