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Nanking Red Bush Cherry - Prunus tomentosa
Cherry Red Nanking Fruit on Plant Same bush type characteristics of Nanking White. Ripe fruits are juicy, sub-acid to sweet, eaten raw or preserved. At the Edible Park in downtown Asheville NC, kids love them fresh from the bush. Not always self fertile, to insure fruit set, plant 2. Space 6 feet. For landscape effect Japanese plums blooms overlap Nanking cherry. Zones 3-7.  

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Joy Bush Cherry - Prunus jacquemonti x japonica
Cherry Joy After 25 years of "patience and persistence," fruit breeder Elwyn Meader of New Hampshire introduced Joy. At 4' tall these fall bearing bush cherries are easy to care for. Their bloom and form resemble flowering almond. They'll fruit a year after planting. The sour cherry like fruits ripen in late summer and are not bothered by birds. When planted together they should be spaced 3' to 4' apart in well drained soil that gets at least 6 hours of sun a day.They are easy no spray fruits, highly resistant to powdery mildew and cherry worms. They are very hardy(-31 degrees F in Buckfield Maine) and are low chill tolerant in the south and west.Joy is self fertile. Space 3-4' circle. Zones 3-8. 

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Joel Bush Cherry - Prunus jacquemonti x japonica
Cherry Joel Fruits Joel is so similar to Joy that the above description could be reprinted here. 

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Carmine Jewel Bush Cherry - Prunus cerasus x P. fruiticosa
Cherry Carmine Jewel Bush Carmine Jewel is part of a group of the best tasting bush cherries. The dark red, almost black fruits are sweet with very high nutritional content of super food status. Carmine Jewel is adaptable, low maintenance with high pest resistance, although it is more leaf spot susceptible than Northstar in Virginia. Height 6-8' tall. Originally from Dr. Les Kerr in Canada and the U of Saskatchewan. Carmine Jewel is a cross of Prunus cerasus (sour cherry) and Prunus fruiticosa (dwarf ground cherry). Introduced in 1999, it is a new addition to a list of top edible landscape plants. Very hardy, Zone 2-7 

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