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Shrubs - Feijoa
Feijoa (Pineapple Guava) - acca sellowiana
Feijoa fruit in bowl Feijoa is an attractive evergreen shrub bearing delicious fruits with an unusual, refreshing pineapple-mint flavor. The leaves are soft green on top, silvery underneath. Withstands temperatures from about 5 degrees F to 12 degrees F. Zones 7 (sheltered) to 9.
**At this time all Quart size pots have two plants in them, two plants are all that is needed for pollination.** 

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1 2 inch pot  Seedling$7.00
1 Quart Pot  Seedling$20.00
1 1 Gallon  Seedling$35.00 * Ready Date (see note)
1 5 Gallon  Seedling$78.00

The following items/sizes are not yet ready and your order will be shipped together when everything is ready: (1 Gallon Seedling March 20, 2018)