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Rosa Canina - Rosa canina
Rose Rosa canina bush and hips A perfectly lovely rose in its simple charm. Scented, delicate, apple blossom-pink single flowers. Tall 6'-8' gracefully arching shrub with healthy blue-green foliage. Showy display of scarlet hips dresses up the shrub for winter. The best tasting rose hip for winter use. Space 8' circle Zones 5-7. 

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Purple Pavement Rose - Rosa rugusa
Rose Purple Pavement Hips Purple Pavement Rose is also known as Rotsmere in Germany. It is a carefree dwarf rose. Healthy repeat blooms start a week later than Foxy Pavement and is very fragrant. Height 3' and same width. Purple Pavement will spread to a 6' circle. The very hardy shrub has huge red hips in late summer and fall. Leaves do not get leaf spot. Zones 3-8 

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Snow Pavement Rose - Rosa rugusa
Rose Snow Border Rose Snow pavement is also known as Schneekoppe. Flowers are white tinged with lavender pink, very fragrant, semi-double petals blooming throughout the growing season. Light red rose hips in summer and fall on this compact spreading bush. Leaves do not get leaf spot. Space 5' circle. Zones 3 - 8. 

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Foxy Pavement Rose - Rosa rugusa
Rose Foxy 2011 Foxy Pavement rose is a double pink, black spot immune, care free, three foot tall and wide dwarf rose bush. The deep pink variety is an improvement over Frau Dagmar Hastrup which it resembles. Good for tough conditions and very hardy, the heavenly fragrant flowers give way to large rose hips up to 1" in diameter, turning dark red in the fall. Space 3' to 5' circle Zones 3 - 8. 

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