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Phoenix Tears Goji Berry - Lycium barbarum
Goji Phoenix Teas The rave of the health food industry, this Goji hails from China. A vining shrub up to 3'-6' tall. Fruits ripen throughout summer. Best to prune to a bush form. Hardy to -10 degrees F. Plant in full to partial sun with good soil drainage. Some extra lime to keep the pH up to 7 keeps Goji plants happy. Our self fertile variety is a seedling selected in Phoenix, AZ. The seeds originated from plants grown in Ningxia Provence, China, a main exporter of dried Goji berries. We've found that the berry sweetens for fresh eating in the late stages of ripeness, like tiny water balloons ready to drop at the slightest touch. Space 6' circle on trellis Zone 5-9  

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