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Shrubs - Juneberries (aka Serviceberry)
Regent Juneberry - Amelanchier alnifolia
Juneberry  Regent Fruit Regent is a hardy juneberry bush from South Dakota. The very productive bush has sweet blueberry like fruits up to 1/2" in diameter. The good red fall color, profuse white spring flowers, followed by bunches of fruit make this trouble-free plant an all season ornamental. The plant only reaches 4'-6' tall with the same spread. Great for easy picking. The fruits ripen the first week of June. Many of our clients just stand around the bush and enjoy. Plant a row of this native plant for effect or serious picking. Also called saskatoon and serviceberry in different parts of the country. Zones 4-8. 

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Princess Diana Juneberry - Amelancier x grandifolia
Juneberry Princess Diana 2011 Gracefully spreading 12'-15' bush with excellent red fall color, lasting late into the season. Shrouded with large white blossoms in spring, "Princess Diana" will often bloom while young. Delightful, large purplish-red edible fruits are produced in abundance. Usually singled trunk. Space 8' circle Native Zones 3b-8a. 

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