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Shrubs - Juneberries (aka Serviceberry)
Regent Juneberry - Amelanchier alnifolia
Juneberry  Regent Fruit Regent is a hardy juneberry bush from South Dakota. The very productive bush has sweet blueberry like fruits up to 1/2" in diameter. The good red fall color, profuse white spring flowers, followed by bunches of fruit make this trouble-free plant an all season ornamental. The plant only reaches 4-6' tall with the same spread. Great for easy picking, the fruits ripen the first week of June here. Many of our clients just stand around the bush and enjoy. Plant a row of this native plant for effect or serious picking. Also called saskatoon and serviceberry in different parts of the country. Zones 4-8. 

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1 3 inch pot  Seedling$10.00
1 Quart Pot  Seedling$15.00
1 3/4 Gallon  Seedling$22.00
1 2 Gallon  Seedling$37.00

Prince William Juneberry - Amelancheir canadensis
Junberry Prince William Fruit On Tree Upright shrubby plants grow to approximately 8' tall by 6' wide. Glossy green leaves turn fiery red in fall. Very large flowers bear large 1/2" fruit. Plants may bloom in their second year. Native Zones 3b-8a. 

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Princess Diana Juneberry - Amelancier x grandifolia
Juneberry Princess Diana 2011 Gracefully spreading 12-15' bush with excellent red fall color, lasting late into the season. Shrouded with large white blossoms in spring, "Princess Diana" will often bloom while young. Delightful, large purplish-red edible fruits are produced in abundance. Usually singled trunk. Space 8' circle Native Zones 3b-8a. 

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1 4 inch pot  own roots$15.00
1 3/4 Gallon  own roots$25.00

Lee #8 Juneberry - Amelanchier anifolia
Juneberry Lee #8 Lee #8 is a Northline seedling that ripens more evenly. Northline is a leading commercial variety in Canada. Lee #8 blooms a few days later than other Canadian commercial varieties. Fruit size is 16mm(1/2 inch plus) with excellent, full, sweet flavor. Arching, spreading form, up to 10'. Zone 2-8 Space @ 8' circle. 

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1 3 inch pot  own roots$12.00