Apple Liberty fruits

Liberty Apple

Malus spp

Shiny, deep-red,(lighter the further south Liberty is grown) crisp apple that is scab immune and resistant to mildew, cedar apple rust and fire blight. Late summer ripening. Keeps well. One of the most disease resistant apples ever developed. Has a McIntosh aroma with a crisp, juicy flavor essence. Very productive, so keep about 3" between each fruit. Self fertile. Space dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard in circles of 10', 15', 20' respectively. Zones 4-7.

Apple Liberty in bloom
Liberty Apple in bloom

Plant Characteristics
Pest ResistanceGood
Disease ResistanceGood
Drought ToleranceGood
Heat ToleranceGood
Humidity ToleranceGood
Sun ToleranceGood
Wet Soil TolerancePoor
Shade TolerancePoor
No SprayPoor
Salt TolerancePoor
Fresh for KidsGood
Deer ResistancePoor
Plant TypeTree
Soil TypeAdaptable
Edible TypeFruit
Self FertileYes
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Due to import restrictions we are unable to ship Liberty Apple to CA,Canada,Europe,...

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