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Winter Double Pink Flowering Ume Apricot - Prunus mume
Apricot Ume 2011 Japanese apricot or Ume fruits are eaten raw, candied, boiled, preserved in sugar, pickled in salt and dried, or made into a liqueur. The pulp is also used in the preparation of ume-bishio, a sour jam. At our nursery flowers bloom in February. The early pollen makes Ume an excellent honey bee tree. Very fragrant, large ruffled, deep-pink flowers. Self fertile. Mature height 12'. Sometimes used as a bonsai specimen. Space 10'-15' circle. Zones 5-7.  

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Koume Apricot - Prunus ume
Apricot Ume 2 Koume is another variety of Ume with semi- double pink flowers. Small fruit 3/4 inch to 1 inch diameter. Used primarily for pickling and medicinal purposes. Semi-double pink flowers have a spicy fragrance, and bloom from late January to late February. Does well in mild winter areas. Requires 400 hours chilling below 45º F. Ripens: Mid May.Cold Hardy to USDA Zone 7.

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