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Tree Fruits - Che, Seedless
Seedless Che - Cudrania tricuspidata
Che Seedless Exclusively from Edible Landscaping our Seedless Che is a small rounded fall-fruiting ornamental tree. In the deep South Che ripens in mid-July, and in Virginia it ripens late September through October. Grafted on Osage orange to prevent suckering, these are superior trees. Bears splendid crop of lovely red fruit clusters over the entire tree. A center of attention at ripening time. Fully ripe fruits are juicy, sweet, very pleasant and fig-like in taste. Birds don't bother the fruits. Completely seedless and self fertile, does not need a male pollinator. Makes great "fig" preserves. Space 14' circle. Zones 6-9. May be hardy in the north, but no info is available on how well the fruit ripens. May have juvenile thorns on young plants. 

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