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Tree Fruits - Cherries, Sour
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Northstar Dwarf Sour Cherry - Prunus cerasus
Cherry North Star full harvest Northstar is a sour Morello type cherry that's very tasty right off the tree. Fruits are large and the stone small and easily removed. Tree is a genetic dwarf, grows less than 10' tall. Self fertile, excellent for home gardens. Zones 5-8. 

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1 5 Gallon grafted on Mazzard - Standard up to 30' canker resistant$68.00
1 7 Gallon grafted on Mazzard - Standard up to 30' canker resistant$85.00

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Montmorency Sour Cherry - Prunus cerasus
Cherry Northstar Fruit Montmorency pie cherry is the most widely known sour cherry planted throughout North America. The fruit is bright red with a clear juicy flesh. Trees are self fertile, winter hardy and very productive. Space 10-12 feet, height 10 feet. 

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