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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood - Cornus mas
Dogwood Cornelian Cherry fruit in bowl Cornelian Cherry has similar leaves and the same red fall color as the popular dogwood. It is a large, round bush up to 20' tall. Fruit is about 3/4" x 1/2" and plentiful on the tree, ripening in August. A few days after picking, fruits become soft and have a great, fresh taste, reminiscent of canned cranberry sauce. The yellow blossoms on naked gray branches rival witch hazel in beauty. Blooming in the late winter or very early in the springtime with daffodil. Needs a mate for fruit. Space @ 20 feet Zones 4-7. 

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Cornus Kousa Chinese Dogwood
Dogwood Cornus Kousa Blooming This species from China and Japan is much like our native dogwood, but the floral bracts are pointed and produce several weeks later in the season. Tree develops interesting bark as it grows and the showy fruits are edible. Leaves have good fall color. Kousa has few pest problems. It is highly resistant to dogwood borer and dogwood anthracnose that has been plaguing flowering dogwoods in recent years. Zones 6-8. 

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