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Tree Fruits - Medlars
Royal Medlar - Mespilus germanica
Medlar Winter The fruits resemble small apples. The white flowers are as showy as a wild rose. A relative of the pear, it is also called Northern Loquat because of its long green leaves with a leathery appearance. Self-fertile, late blooming and long-lived, the small trees' fruit matures when the leaves start falling in the fall. They are ripe after stored a few weeks at room temperature. The flesh turns soft and is applesauce cinnamon-like in flavor. Fruits can be left on the tree to ripen in some areas. Zones 5-9. 

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Breda Giant Medlar - Mespilus germanica
Medlar Fruit Breda Giant's fruits resemble very, very large bronze rose hips. A relative of the pear, medlars are sometimes referred to as northern loquat because of their long green leaves with a leathery appearance. Breda Giant is self fertile, late blooming with showy white flowers and the tree is long lived and dwarf. Fruits are harvested firm, when leaves start falling in late fall. In warmer areas they can blet and ripen on the tree. Fruits can be stored to blet in clean shavings, boxed in a cool basement or porch. The flesh turns soft and has an applesauce cinnamon like flavor. Also called nespola in Italy. Fruits are bug free but can get quince or cedar apple rust. Space 8' circle Zone 5-9  

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