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Shangri La Mulberry - Morus alba
Mulberry Shangri la 2011 Large, black fruit with huge heart-shaped leaves. From Naples, FL, yet hardy here in VA too! Fruits earlier than all other varieties. Small tree up to 20'. Delicious plump berries above average size. Space 15' circle. Zones 7-9. " Shangri La is a wonderful tree, I have to buy more for friends.......
C M Washington DC.  

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Girardi Dwarf Mulberry - Morus alba X rubra
Mulberry Girardi Girardi is an outstanding mulberry. Easy to care for, amazing production on a compact and pretty dwarf tree. It will become a fast favorite for whoever plants it. Because of its immunity to popcorn disease it will grow where Illinois Everbearing or Collier will not. Excellent sweet tart fruits similar to the best tasting mulberries. A 6'-8' tall tree. Our smallest mulberry tree available. Large leaves and compact growth and ripens early in the growing season. Zones 5-8 "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush. Space 8' to 10' circle. Girardi is a natural selection from the wild with native characteristics.It was introduced by Girardi Nursery, O'fallen, IL 

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Dwarf Weeping Mulberry - Morus alba
Mulberry Weeping 2012 Our weeping mulberry is a black fruiting weeper. Mature tree size 12' tall and wide. Get one for the kids, they make great playhouses! Or, how about a summer outdoor shower stall? Fruits are not as large as our other black mulberries, but are very good. Stake young plants for the first few years. Space 10'-12' circle. Zones 3-9.  

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