Peach Washington State

Indian Blood Cling Peach

Prunus persica

Pretty pink flowering disease resistant peach. Spaniards introduced this novel peach to Mexico in the sixteenth century. By the next century, European explorers in southeastern North America were astonished to find this Old World fruit being grown by native tribes. This was possible because the Indian Blood can be grown from seed. Nomadic tribes and traders must have carried it north from Mexico. Resists brown rot as much as patio peach and resists bug damage more than most varieties. The fruit can be very large and was stored and canned in the colonial times. Red striped thought the fruit with red around the seed. Firm flesh, not melting like Red Haven, and pleasantly tart flavored. Space 12'-14' circle. Zone 6-9.

Plant Characteristics
Pest ResistanceFair
Disease ResistanceGood
Drought ToleranceGood
Heat ToleranceExcellent
Humidity ToleranceVery Good
Sun ToleranceExcellent
Wet Soil TolerancePoor
Shade TolerancePoor
No SprayPoor
Salt ToleranceFair
Fresh for KidsGood
Deer ResistancePoor
Plant TypeTree
Soil TypeAdaptable
Edible TypeFruit
Self FertileYes
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