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Hosui Asian Pear - Pyrus Pyrifolia
Pear Hosui Asian Pear Heavy producing Asian pear ripening in July and August. Tree medium size and spreading. Very disease resistant, but more susceptible to fire blight then Korean Giant or Shinko. Fruit very sweet and juicy, quality excellent. Developed in 1972 in Japan. Self-fertile, can be planted alone. Fruit ripens early before Shinko. Zones 4-9. 

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Shinko Asian Pear - Pyrus pyrifolia
Pear Shinko Fruits Shinko ripens mid season, later than the early ripening Hosui. An excellent keeper, Shinko stores well into the winter. Shinko has a crisp, refreshingly sweet flavor and is a valuable landscape addition because of its profuse white bloom, grey bark and green shiny leaves and golden fruits. Tree is more spreading, not as upright as Korean Giant or Hosui. Thin fruit for larger fruits since it produces a lot. It is not well known how sweet, crisp, and quenching a tree ripened Asian pear is. If your first experience with them was not memorable and enjoyable, they may have been harvested too early. Korean Giant is a fine choice for a pollinator. Mature height 10'-15' on OHx333 rootstock. @ 25 feet tall on standard rootstock. Zones 4-9. 

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1 7 Gallon grafted on OHXF513 - Dwarf to semi 8 - 14 ft$85.00

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Korean Giant Pear - Pyrus pyrifolia
Pear Korean Giant Korean Giant pear is also known as Olympic. A very large and late ripening, dark brown russet fruit of very good quality. Sweet, firm and juicy, it has an excellent storage and shelf life, keeping in a refrigerator all winter. Ripens in September. This productive tree is very disease resistant. Nees a pollinator, Shinko is a good choice. Mature height 12-15'. Zones 4-9. 

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1 3/4 Gallon grafted on Callerana - Standard rtsk for zones 4b-8$25.00
1 1 Gallon grafted on Betulifolia - Standard for Northern climates$30.00

Chojuro Pear - Pyrus ussuriensis
Pear Hosui Asian Pear An heirloom Asian pear variety from Japan. Self fertile and more fire blight resistant than Hosui. Yellow russet skin,juicy white sparkling flesh. Storage up to 5 months. Space on OHxF 513 rootstock @ 12' circle. Zones 5-8 

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