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Magness Pear - Pyrus communis X Potomac Pear - Pyrus communis
Pear Magness 2011 Easy to care for and disease-resistant. Bears sweet perfumed fruit picked around August 26th in VA. Its buttery melting flavor rivals any pear. Has a similar flavor to Comice. Comice is very susceptible to fire blight. I love those Comices to pieces but would not grow one, as it would surely die from fire blight in our area of Virginia. Magness grows well in areas such as MS and LA and is hardy in MI.It is Very fire blight resistant. Space dwarf 8'- 10'circle or standard 15-20'circle. Can be pollinated by European or the Asian varieties, but will NOT pollinate others. Zones 5-9. 

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Pear Potomac fruit Introduced in 1993 from the Kearneysville, WV USDA station, this high quality pear ripens in mid-September. Fruit is sweet and buttery and extremely juicy. Tree is vigorous and fairly precocious. Pollinates with other European pears and is fire blight resistant. A Moonglow-Anjou cross, it is one of the highest quality fireblight resistant varieties available. Dwarf trees are 8'-14'tall and standards are 15'-30'tall. Space 6' to 10' circles for dwarf and 14' circles for standards. Zone 5-9. 

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Blakes Pride European Pear - Pyrus communis Shenandoah Pear - Pyrus communis L.
Pear Blakes Pride 2015 A mid-season European pear with an attractive yellow color and excellent aromatic flavor. Blake's Pride has a high degree of resistance to fire blight. Grow this variety instead of Barlett for that reason. Ripening season is the same time as Bartlett and picked a few weeks earlier than Magness or Potomac, usually August 12th at our nursery. Pollinates with other European types. Dwarf trees space 8' to 10' circle. Space dwarf on OHxF 333 10' to 12' and standard size 15'. Zone 5 - 8 

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1 3 Gallon grafted on on OHXF 333 - Dwarf to semi 8 - 14 ft$48.00
1 5 Gallon grafted on on OHXF 333 - Dwarf to semi 8 - 14 ft$68.00

Pear Shenandoah 2011 Shenandoah is a new, large and luscious European type pear, more blight resistance than Bartlett. Flavor similar to Bartlett with a spicy aromatic sweetness. Tree is a consistent bearer and fruits are larger than Bartlett and can store for up to five months. Ripens late about 6 weeks after Bartlett, @ September 25th at the nursery. Zones 5-7 

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1 3 Gallon grafted on OHXF97 Standard size$48.00

Honeysweet Pear - Pyrus communis X Warren Pear - pyrus communus x
Pear Magness Fresh Fruits Honeysweet was introduced from Purdue University because of its superior attributes for flavor, appearance, and disease resistance. This is a very high quality "Seckel or sugar-pear" type, which is larger in size than Seckel, and one of the few pears that are self pollinating. Tree is similar to Seckel (a natural dwarf). Ripens late August here, with good storage ability. If you have room for only one pear tree, this is it. More fire blight resistant than Seckel and fruit is larger. Resists leaf spot problems and has the fireblight resistance similar to Keiffer pear. Introduced by Jules Janick from Perdue in 1977. Space @ 10-12' circle Zone 5 - 8. 

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1 3/4 Gallon grafted on on OHXF 333 - Dwarf to semi 8 - 14 ft$28.00

Pear Warren Warren Pear was named after T O Warren from Hattiesburg, MS. Thought to be a seedling selection from the breeding work of USDA's fruit breeder Dr. Magness, Beltsville,MD. Fruits are buttery and smooth with no grit towards the center of the fruit. T O, a fruit explorer, found the tree at a pear test plot near his home and popularized the variety. Warren pear comes from the same seed stock as Magness pear and is very similar in appearance and disease resistance. However, it is self fertile and pollinates other pears. Chilling requirement 600 hours. Zone 5-9 semi dwarf tree space @ 10' circles. 

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Perdue Pear - Pyrus species  
Pear Perdue The Perdue Pear is a large pear with a smooth, slightly-blotched skin that is greenish to greenish/yellow in color. The flesh is white, juicy, sweet, and very flavorful, with a noticeable lack of grit cells.The Perdue Pear Tree is a large tree that is very hardy and sturdy. The limbs grow on a wide angle from the trunk, and usually do not require support. Zones 6-8 Space@ 20'circle. Description provided by Mr. Perdue, where the original tree is growing in Louisiana. planted. Also:- Bears fruit annually.
- Fire Blight has never been observed.
- Believed to be a self-pollinator (being tested to confirm).
- Minimal chill hours required (200+).
- Fruit matures in early August(continues to ripen/soften after being picked).
- If you are from the South,this is an "Eating Pear", not a "Canning Pear"...


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1 1.5 Gallon grafted on Calleryana - Standard rootstock for zones 4b-8$35.00
1 3 Gallon grafted on Calleryana - Standard rootstock for zones 4b-8$48.00