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Little Prince Super Dwarf Banana - Musa 'Little Prince'
Banana Novak Super Dwarf Little Prince grows only 3-4' tall in containers or outside in frost free areas. Can produce very tasty fruit if grown outside in the warm months. Does well indoors or on a patio. It is a super dwarf selection of of Dwarf Cavandish. Care: good light, water thoroughly but never allow to sit in water. Feed balanced fertilizer that's high in potassium every few months,and protect from frost. We fruit our show plant in a 25 gallon container. This gives the plant plenty of room to produce a bunch of bananas. We let the 1st banana yellow on the plant then cut the stalk with the bananas attached and hang them in a place like a kitchen and pick them as they ripen. I'd like to see more of these beauties planted in office buildings lobbies, malls, Florida rooms, and enclosed pools. zone 9-10 

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