Citrus Yuzu

Yuzu Hardy Citrus

C. ichangensis x C. reticulata var. austera

Yuzu is a naturally occurring hybrid long cultivated in China and Japan for its useful fruits. In their native environment these evergreens often withstand temperatures dipping into the teens or lower. Supposedly, Yuzu, can endure lows approaching 0 degrees F. Zone 8 > 10.

They are widely grown as a home orchard tree at the northern end of China's citrus range. Yuzu has loose, easily peeled skin like mandarins. Semi-dwarf in open ground, they rarely exceed 5' when containerized. Very little has been written about these beautiful trees in our country. However, Ichandarins have been grown since the early days of oriental fruit culture.

Found growing at high elevations in the wild, 2,000 to 4,500 ft. fruits are medium size; 2 1/2" to 3", with a deep yellow, loose, easily peeled skin. Fruits are mild and pleasantly lemon-lime flavored when eaten out of hand and are valued in Japan for use in baking or seasoning. The hollowed skin is often used to impart a unique flavor to foods cooked within it. The trees grow slowly the first couple years until the root system is established.

Plant Characteristics
Pest ResistanceVery Good
Disease ResistanceExcellent
Drought ToleranceVery Good
Heat ToleranceExcellent
Humidity ToleranceExcellent
Sun ToleranceExcellent
Wet Soil TolerancePoor
Shade TolerancePoor
No SprayVery Good
Salt ToleranceFair
Fresh for KidsGood
Deer ResistanceFair
Plant TypeTree
Soil TypeWell Drained
Edible TypeFruit
Self FertileYes
This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, comments/opinions are always welcome

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