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One of the prettiest statements in a garden can be the feathery fern-like appearance of perennial asparagus.

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A white soft neck garlic type with no flower stalks. Twinbrook strain of an unknown variety found growing on its own at an estate in south east Pennsylvania. First year in cultivation bulb size was about 1.25. Within 5 years by selecting larges cloves to replant and good feeding the average bulb size increased to 2.5 with potential of 3.25. Has been selected for large easy to peel cloves. Plant from September thru December. Earlier planting encourages larger bulbs. Mulch with compost after planting. Garlic is a heavy feeder. Pull promptly in wetter areas or times of rain at maturity. (stalks yellowing and falling over, approximately the end of June). Dry in hot sun. Hang and cure in an attic area. As fall approaches move to a cool dry area for winter storage. Keep bulbs above 50 degrees to reduce sprouting.

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