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Vegetable - Asparagus
Jersey Knight Male Asparagus - Asparagus officnalis
Asparagus Plants in Row Jersey Knight asparagus have extra large sprouts since no plant energy goes into seed production. Highly productive male plants are disease resistant, and adaptable. Plant site should have good drainage. Space plants 18" apart in 3' wide perennial beds. Usually our 2 inch potted asparagus are harvest-able the following season. Do not go to the trouble of digging ditches for the plants. Just plant them in your prepared bed as any other potted plant. A mulch is good for keeping weeds down. After harvest the four foot tall plants are pretty with their fine fern like appearance. Zones 3-10. 

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Quantity Pot Size Rootstock Cost  
1 2 inch pot  Seedling$2.50
8 2 inch pot  Seedling$16.00
16 2 inch pot  Seedling$24.00
32 2 inch pot  Seedling$32.00
1 4 inch pot  Seedling$5.00
1 3/4 Gallon  Seedling$15.00
6 3/4 Gallon  Seedling$60.00