Grape Roucaneuf

Roucaneuf French Hybrid Grape (S.V. 12-309)

Vitus vinifera hybrid

Grape Roucaneuf Leaves
Roucaneuf leaves

Medium size grapes with large long clusters and shiny Vinifera like leaves. Fruits ripen late. We've grown this grape for many years at the nursery. It is resistant to black rot and will grow further south since it resists Pierce's Disease. It's one of the few grapes that have softer chewable seeds. So, one can benefit from the pycnogenol in the seed white enjoying the fruit. Fruits are oval, white with a pink blush and make a white wine. Prune half or long, (I leave about 20 - 40 buds), space 12' on trellis. Zone 6-8.

Plant Characteristics
Pest ResistanceVery Good
Disease ResistanceGood
Drought ToleranceGood
Heat ToleranceVery Good
Humidity ToleranceGood
Sun ToleranceExcellent
Wet Soil TolerancePoor
Shade ToleranceFair
No SprayFair
Salt TolerancePoor
Fresh for KidsGood
Deer ResistancePoor
Plant TypeVine
Soil TypeAdaptable
Edible TypeBerry
Self FertileYes
This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, comments/opinions are always welcome

Due to import restrictions we are unable to ship Roucaneuf French Hybrid Grape (S.V. 12-309) to CA...

Click Here for the Roucaneuf French Hybrid Grape (S.V. 12-309) Careguide

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