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Kolomikta Russian Male (Tri-colored) - Actinidia kolomikta
Kiwi Male Kolomikta Also known as Arctic Beauty Male. A striking rare ornamental that pollinates only the female Kolomikta. Space 6' apart in well drained soil. Very hardy vine, native to Europe, growing into Siberia. Takes up less space than other kiwi species. Does not tendril, so needs to be attached to a support. Will grow in shade. Zones 4-9. 

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Kolomikta Russian Female Kiwi - Actinidia kolomikta
Kiwi Kolomikta Female Also knows as Red Beauty Female. A fruiting selection of the Russian species Actinidia kolomikta. Can be planted 6' apart and in partial shade in the Virginia area. Fruit is earlier than A. arguta and smaller. The leaves are maple red in summer and mixed with green. Hardy to -35 degrees F. Zones 4-9 Space trellised 6' to 10' apart (Zones 7-9 shade). 

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