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Cactus - Cactus
Dragon Fruit Red - Hylocereus Undatus
Dragon Fruit  in pots Called Red Dragon fruit because of the intensely red edible flesh. Needs a mate to pollinate. We suggest the White Dragon Fruit. The plant is tropical, can be used as a house plant. Needs support because its vine like in habit. Blooms large white flowers at night like its relative the night blooming cereus, a popular house plant. Space outside 8'-10' apart depending on what it grows on. Zones 9 - 10.


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1 Quart Pot  own roots$18.00
8 Quart Pot  own roots$80.00
1 2.75 Gallon (Trade 3G)  own roots$45.00  -  $20.00

Shrubs - Figs
Lattarulla Fig - Ficus carica
Fig Latterulla At our nursery Lattarulla ripens its yellow figs earlier then all others, usually starting in June or July. Because of fluctuating winter weather, these buds can become damaged and not fruit as much as in milder regions such as the Pacific Northwest. The fall crops are inferior fruit because they need pollination from a fig wasp that only lives in Europe in fig producing countries or parts of California. King fig seems to be the same as Lattarulla. Also called Danny's Delight, this fig has ripened its fruit near Lake Michigan outside. Figs are large, pale green to yellow, sweet and delicious. Fruits are well worth the effort since they are the first to ripen, usually in mid-June at our nursery. Success will vary in zones 6-8. Space 10' circles 

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1 3 Gallon  own roots$40.00  -  $30.00