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Cactus - Cactus
Dragon Fruit Red - Hylocereus Undatus
Dragon Fruit  in pots Called Red Dragon fruit because of the intensely red edible flesh. Needs a mate to pollinate. We suggest the White Dragon Fruit. The plant is tropical, can be used as a house plant. Needs support because its vine like in habit. Blooms large white flowers at night like its relative the night blooming cereus, a popular house plant. Space outside 8'-10' apart depending on what it grows on. Zones 9 - 10.


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1 2.75 Gallon (Trade 3G)  own roots$48.00  -  $20.00

Shrubs - Feijoa
Feijoa (Pineapple Guava) - Feijoa sellowiana
Feijoa fruit in bowl Feijoa is an attractive evergreen shrub bearing delicious fruits with an unusual, refreshing pineapple-mint flavor. The leaves are soft green on top, silvery underneath. 1" wide fuchsia-like, white petal flowers have showy red centers reminiscent of fuchsia flowers. The white flower petals are one of the best tasting edible flowers. Succulent and sweet, and vanilla like, feijoa flowers can be enjoyed alone or in fruit or vegetable salads. Low maintenance plant, no insects or diseases. Ideal for containers and can be planted at the beach because of its high salt tolerance. Feijoa looks excellent in the landscape and makes a beautiful hedge. Clients in Richmond and Virginia Beach areas find it hardy and richly rewarding to grow. Withstands temperatures from about 5 degrees F to 12 degrees F. Zones 7 (sheltered) to 9. At our nursery Feijoa planted outside on the south side of our office has overwintered and fruited since 2008,with winter injury 2014 and 15. Some loss in 2015. Space 6' to 8' circle in zone 7 and 10' to 12' in zones 8 & 9. Plant two plants to insure pollination.  

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