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Berries - Currants
Josta Berry - Ribes grossularia x nigrum
Josta Ripe Fruits Josta is a new unique hybrid from Europe. A gooseberry - black currant cross. Vigorous and healthy, Josta shows off the best traits of each parent. Fruits later in life than most Ribes, i.e., 3rd or 4th year. No thorns, no pungent aroma, 1/2" fruit good for freezing. Space 5' apart. Rust resistant with little or no pruning required. The upright bush is pretty with large dark green leaves. Height 4'-7'. 3 and 5 and 7 gallon size usually fruiting in the container. Zones 3-8. 

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1 2 inch pot  own roots$7.00
1 Quart Pot  own roots$12.00 * Ready Date (see note)
4 Quart Pot  own roots$40.00 * Ready Date (see note)
1 3 Gallon  own roots$35.00
4 3 Gallon  own roots$120.00
1 5 Gallon  own roots$50.00
4 5 Gallon  own roots$160.00
1 7 Gallon  own roots$60.00  -  $35.00

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Shrubs - Figs
Conadria Fig - Ficus carica
Fig Conadria 3 fruits Conadria is our largest yellow fig with high sugar content. Some can set snugly in a tea cup. Can be used for dried figs and fresh fruit. Introduced in 1955 by Ira Condit USDA Riverside, CA. Fruit resists spoilage in rainy weather and has a small eye so it rates good for insect resistance. Produces 2 crops. The 1st crop, breba crop is good, the second crop, very good. In zone 7 produces only one crop. Can be grown in a 10 gallon pot and planted in the ground, in the pot, after winter storage (temps no lower than 30 degrees F) where it will root through the pot and produce large excellent figs in summer, as experience by a hobbyist in Smyrna, Delaware. Plant is vigorous, precocious, widely planted in the San Joaquin Valley, CA. Zone 5-7 pots. Space 10' circle in Virginia and 15' circle Zone 8 & 9. Conadria has also been called Galbun mistakenly. Zone 7-9  

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1 3/4 Gallon  own roots$25.00
1 1 Gallon  own roots$30.00
1 1.5 Gallon  own roots$35.00

Lattarulla Fig - Ficus carica
Fig Latterulla At our nursery Lattarulla ripens its yellow figs earlier then all others, usually starting in June or July. Because of fluctuating winter weather, these buds can become damaged and not fruit as much as in milder regions such as the Pacific Northwest. The fall crops are inferior fruit because they need pollination from a fig wasp that only lives in Europe in fig producing countries or parts of California. King fig seems to be the same as Lattarulla. Also called Danny's Delight, this fig has ripened its fruit near Lake Michigan outside. Figs are large, pale green to yellow, sweet and delicious. Fruits are well worth the effort since they are the first to ripen, usually in mid-June at our nursery. Success will vary in zones 6-8. Space 10' circles 

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1 2 Gallon  own roots$35.00  -  $20.00
1 3 Gallon  own roots$40.00  -  $25.00

Kadota Fig - Ficus carica
Fig Kadota In zone 7, Kadota is an open bush, ripening most of its figs on last years growth. The fruits are yellow, medium to large size and delicious, ripening best with full sun and hot temperatures. Also known as Peter's Honey fig. Kadota is a popular fig because as a canned product it can be purchased in super markets in the US. Kadota is excellent fresh and very sweet. It sometimes ripens a few early figs that are extremely large. Space @ 10' circle  

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1 5 Gallon  $50.00  -  $30.00