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Shipping Prices
Our shipping prices are determined based on the size and number of pots being ordered. There is a $15 minimum shipping and handling charge on almost all orders (gift certificates, gift cards, catalogs and flash drive not included) and a $25 minimum on any order with pots larger than 1 Gallon. Some of our 3 and 5 gallon plants now fall under the UPS and FedEx additional handling charge of $10.50 for boxes over 48".
Unfortunately we have to pass this charge to you while we decide what can be done.

Plants larger than 5 Gallon can generally not be sent via UPS and have to be sent freight - please call us for a quote 434.361.9134. We are not able to change your order 5 days before the ship date. Any changes should be made at least one week before your ship date. Any change request after that can NOT be guaranteed to happen.

Due to weather conditions ('extreme' temperatures during transit) we may need to ship your order 3 day select. Depending on your location this can be the only way to ship at this time of year to insure your plants arrive healthy. This shipping method is generally used for orders over 1000 miles. Shipping cost for 3 day is higher than the listed price on your order, cost is based on the weight and size of the package. We will contact you before shipping if this will be needed.

Pot Sizes

Pot Sizes part 2

Pot Size
2 & 2.5 Inch Pots
$0.50 These are very young plants and may need special attention
2.75, 3 & 3.5 Inch Pots
4 & 4.5 Inch Pots
Quart Pot
1 Gallon
3 & 5 Gallon
7 Gallon and larger

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Some of our pot sizes

We can not ship to Canada

**Canadian Ag has made it almost impossible to import our plants. The inspections required are extreme for the number of orders we currently export to Canada. Until further notice we will not ship to Canada. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

*We do not ship to Italy, Japan, Netherlands.

International other than Canada orders have to be shipped bare root (free of soil) and leafless (completely dormant). In our area plants are dormant from December to about early March. Roots of plants will be wrapped  in peat moss and news print then placed in a plastic bag.  Restricted items will not be shipped. International orders require a Phytosanitary Certificate. Cost for this certificate is $75. 1 certificate must accompany each box, most orders can be shipped in 1 box.

We can ship United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service. USPS could take up to 3 weeks, but is less expensive.  The best way we have found to export is UPS, they are easiest to track and will assist in expediting your order through customs. UPS shipped orders usually arrive in about 8 to 10 days.

Your order is inspected by an USDA Agent before packaged. He will inspect and review the order to be sure it complies with regulations and complete as listed on the Phytosanitary inspection certificate.  We are not responsible for items being delayed, damaged or missing from the package as your order will opened more than once on its journey.

Shipping cost is calculated on weight and dimension of the package. A small package of 21" x 5" x 5" weighing 2 pounds can cost $100 just to ship with UPS.  The same package with USPS will average $50 to ship.

You may choose either shipping method. Purchaser assumes all responsibility.

1 Season Limited Guarantee (90 days)
No Guarantee on 2" pots
No cash refunds, store credit only
Our Guarantee is extended for one growing season. Edible Landscaping does not guarantee for things out of our control, like frost damage, winter kill or drought. Please call if you are having problems with a plant, many times we can help figure out what the issue is.  

If you are in a colder winter area and you are planting Figs, Persimmons, Pomegranate, Tea, or Feijoa in the fall, it is our advise not to order plants in the quart size or smaller until next spring. Marginal plants are best planted in the spring, and we do not guarantee marginal plants for fall planting. Usually poor results are obtained planting indoors after receiving fall plants unless you are experienced. The same goes with receiving fall orders and storing plants indoors, or protecting plants in cool or cold storage. Plants should go into the ground soon after the shipment is received. Our guarantee is void if plants are handled any other way after shipment. If stored, do not let it dry out. Our warranty does not cover winter kill. If you must plant outside, chose a site protected from the wind and plan your mulching around Thanksgiving to Christmas about 3" deep and about a 3' circle. 2" potted plants are our smallest size and are not guaranteed for the season. 2" potted plants sent for fall planting in zones north of 7b can be risky because of winter temperatures. 2 inch pots are best planted in the spring or cultivated with experience.

Within three (3) years from the date of delivery; We guarantee that our nursery stock is true to name. If any proves to be untrue to name, and we are so notified during the first fruiting season, we will refill that part of the order without charge or, at our option, refund that part of the purchase price. Replacement of trees or refund of purchase price shall constitute full settlement.

We reserve the right to request the return of dead items. Shipping is charged for replacement plants.  If an item is damaged in shipping please call asap and retain the box for UPS so a damage claim can be filed.

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