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Saffron Crocus are AVAILABLE

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We can NOT ship to Canada at this time

You can buy trees, shrubs, herbs, and an array of garden plants on this site or pickup directly from our fruit tree and garden nursery.  When you buy plants from Edible Landscaping, potted plants will be shipped directly to you, avoiding the shock that can occur from bare root plants. We ship year round and grow our plants naturally without herbicides or harsh chemicals. Many of our plants are florist grade and make great gifts. The live plants you receive from us will be in the absolute best condition of any plants online! If you wish to pick up your order, make a note in the comments field of the order and we'll take off the ship cost when we process the order.

To start looking through the plants that we offer choose one of the links in the green bar at the top of the page. The Buy Plants feature helps you find plants in categories. With the Show All Plants  feature you can scroll thru our collection of offerings one by one. We have an advanced search feature which is making use of part of the extensive list of attributes that we have put together for our plants. We hope that these will guide you in making an informed decision about the plants you are interested in. To the beginner, remember, the popular fruits in stores are grown by professionals and will not perform well in a home planting with little or no care. We strive to correct that misconception by offering plants that grow and produce with less care. We are also working to expand the care guides and detailed plant descriptions to provide even more information. Our varieties are selected for your enjoyment and generations to come. We propagate our plants by grafting, budding, seed, divisions, and cuttings. We also represent the finest wholesale nurseries such as Dave Wilson, Briggs, Northwoods, Starks, Hartmanns, Agri-starts, North American Plants, Fall Creek, Spring Meadow and L.E.Cooke. Our stock plant orchard is fun and an education, please visit. All comments, opinions & suggestions on this website are welcome at: Thanks and happy planting!

**Make sure when you place your order online you get an automatic generate confirmation number.. it will start 01.... if you do not get back an email there could be 1 of 2 issues. First your email is incorrect, Second your order did not go thru.**

**Due to restrictions we are not shipping to Canada
We do NOT Guarantee 2" pots

Pot Sizes

Pot Sizes part 2

New availability;(updated weekly)
Sacajawea Filbert 1.5 gallon
Shangri La Mulberry Gallon
Alden Grape Gallon
Dumbarton Oak Female Hardy Kiwi 4" & Quart
Lemongrass Gallon
Feijoa 4" and Quart
Marseilles Fig Quart
Nikita's Gift Persommon 1 gallon
Shenandoah Pawpaw quart
Susquehanna Pawpaw quart
Allegheny Pawpaw quart
Mango Pawpaw Gallon
NC-1 Pawpaw Gallon
Potomac Pawpaw quart
Wabash Pawpaw quart
Violet de Bordeaux Fig Gallon
Weeping Mulberry Gallon
Bay Laurel Gallon
Jahn's Prarie Gooseberry Gallon
Crimson Sky Pomegranate Gallon
Favorite Pomegranate Gallon
Tea Plant Gallon
Fuzzy Male Kiwi Gallon
Saanichton Fuzzy Female Kiwi Gallon
Pasha Male (kolomikta male) Kiwi Gallon
September Sun Female (kolomikta female) Kiwi Gallon
Hardy Passion Flower (maypop) Gallon

The following is a wonderful article about persimmons, BY GREG COPPA one of our clients.
edibleRhody, Persimmons

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Persimmon Festival is October 25th!
See workshop info for schedule

Next Volunteer Work Day November 11th, see workshop info for more dates
It's not always all work!

1 Season Limited Guarantee  Please visit our
guarantee page for more details.
NO guarantee on 2" pots.


Driving Directions to Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping, 361 Spirit Ridge Ln., Afton, VA 22920
Questions or Orders: (434)361-9134, Fax: (434)361-1916

Please note that online map programs and GPS units will generally get you to our driveway but then route you to the residence of one of our neighbors - the final right to 'stay on' Spirit Ridge Lane should be ignored, we have posted signs which should help you find us.

- From Richmond: Interstate 64 west to exit 107 (Crozet), go left on Route 250 west for ~ 5 miles and take a left on Route 151 south. Stay on 151 for about 7.5 miles then take a right on Chapel Hollow Road, go about 1 mile and our driveway is on the left.

- From Staunton: Interstate 64 east to exit 99 (Afton), take a right on Route 250 east for about 3 miles and then take a right on Route 151 south. Stay on 151 for about 7.5 miles then take a right on Chapel Hollow Road, go about 1 mile and our driveway is on the left.

- From Lynchburg: Route 29 north to route 6 west. Go right on route 151 north for about 2 miles and then take a left on Chapel Hollow Road, go about 1 mile and our driveway is on the left.
The orchard is a great way to see what the plants will look like in your yard.

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