Mentha spicata var piperita

Dark green leaves. Height 12"-18". Scent is reminiscent of chocolate peppermint patties. Very good for fruit desserts and tea. Space 1' - 2' circle Zones 4-10.

Plant Characteristics
Pest Resistance Excellent
Disease Resistance Excellent
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Heat Tolerance Very Good
Humidity Tolerance Very Good
Sun Tolerance Very Good
Wet Soil Tolerance Good
Shade Tolerance Good
No Spray Excellent
Salt Tolerance Fair
Fresh for Kids Fair
Deer Resistance Very Good
Thorns No
Soil Type Adaptable
Edible Type Leaf
Self Fertile Yes
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Mint Care Guide

Mints grow best in rich, moist, well-drained soil. Although they prefer partial shade, a sunny location will do. There are not many growing conditions that deter mint. Allow at least twelve to eighteen inches between plants. If mint starts crowding the garden, simply pull up stems, you can always replant them elsewhere, but be aware that the stem is usually attached to an under ground runner, so it will continue to flourish.
Mints are very aggressive in the garden, spreading by underground runners. Once established in a garden they can be difficult to keep within bounds. One way to control them is to grow them in containers rather than in the ground. Be careful where you place the container. After several years, a container of mint can root into the ground and spread.
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