Symphytum grandiflorum 'Hidcote Blue'

Hidcote Blue Comfrey is a perennial herb used primarily as a poultice for bruises or as a salve for cuts, burns, or rashes. Once planted it is hard to remove. Its deep tap root breaks up clay soils and nourishes the soil. Leaves can be cut back several times a year as a nutritive mulch for other plants. Plant in an area that gets good morning sun and afternoon shade, perfect for under fruit trees. Flowers star with red buds to produce pale blue blooms. Very good nectar source for bees and butterflies. Zones 4-9

Plant Characteristics
Pest Resistance
Disease Resistance
Drought Tolerance
Heat Tolerance
Humidity Tolerance
Sun Tolerance
Wet Soil Tolerance
Shade Tolerance
No Spray
Salt Tolerance
Soil Type
Self Fertile
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