Mentha suaveolens

One of our favorite teas for drying. Excellent blend with green or black tea. Vigorous and spreading like most mints. Apple Mint is an excellent late summer pollen source for many insects. Zones 5-9. Can fill in a cultivated area. At the nursery we have it on a bank with rose hip roses.

Plant Characteristics
Pest Resistance Excellent
Disease Resistance Excellent
Drought Tolerance Good
Heat Tolerance Excellent
Humidity Tolerance Excellent
Sun Tolerance Excellent
Wet Soil Tolerance Fair
Shade Tolerance Fair
No Spray Excellent
Salt Tolerance Poor
Fresh for Kids Very Good
Deer Resistance Good
Thorns No
Soil Type Adaptable
Edible Type Leaf
Self Fertile Yes
This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, comments/opinions are always welcome



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